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Microgreens are tasty emerging superfoods changing the way we eat vegetables. Elevate your meals with our growing selection, available in three different sizes and subscriptions.

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Our process is organic from seed to packaging, driven by renewable and sustainable agriculture techniques and technology. And by growing food in the same city as the people eating it, we further reduce our impact in delivery! And so do you when you buy local.

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New At Rochester Microgreens

We offer many ways for people to enjoy microgreens, and all orders are cut and delivered fresh the same day. However, we now introduce another way to enjoy the same micro-vegies you love… live off the tray!

Now delivering fresh, uncut microgreen trays in Rochester New York.

Rochester Microgreens now offers live microgreen tray subscriptions because we want you to have unlimited access to microgreens the way you want them. Including delivered un-cut and fresh. There’s approximately 9-14oz of microgreens per tray depending on the kind, so they’re perfect for restaurants, hospitals, schools, plant bars, and other food establishments.

We additionally offer Microgreen Catering for a variety of private and professional events. Do you want a unique, beautiful, and delicious food selection at your event? We henceforth service live-micro smoothie bars, salad bars, and micro-food selections. Reach out to us about our new catering service in Rochester NY!

Finally, be sure to check out our MicroBlogs to learn more about microgreens! There’s simple, delicious recipes we can’t wait for you to try, and these small but mighty greens go with any meal plan! They work great as additions or replacements to regular vegetables in everyday meals. So are you ready to try some microgreens?

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