Rochester Microgreens Growing Process - Rochester NY

Our Microgreen Growing Process

Want to know about Our Microgreen Growing Process in Rochester NY? You found the right page! This is where we cover the details of how we sustainably grow the highest nutritional quality produce year-round.

Seeds & Germination

(1) We start with certified organic, NON-GMO seeds, that have been tested for common food pathogens.

Organic Seeds For our Microgreen Growing Process in Rochester NY
Coconut Coir Renewable Growing Medium

(2) Then we begin germination in organic coconut coir, a renewable resource made from coconut husks, that offers superior oxygen absorption, water retention, and drainage. Our Microgreen Growing Process therefore needs to be watered less, and has an increased resistance to root rot.


(3) We purify our reservoir of water down to the 0.0001th micron through a 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis.

Contaminant Free Water Supply for our Microgreen Growing Process -  Rochester NY

(4) We re-mineralize our water with an organic fertilizer derived from the ocean, that contains dozens of essential trace minerals and elements, able to catalyze over 300 enzyme reactions needed for every function of the human body.

(5) We PH-balance the water for use with specific varieties of Microgreens, lettuces, and other vegetables.

Sea Mineral Fertilizer

Environment Conditions

(6) We’ll maintain temperature, humidity, and light exposure under 5000K+ full-spectrum lights designed for optimal chlorophyll absorption for our entire Microgreen Growing Process.

Full Spectrum Grow Lights

Harvest & Delivery

(7) Lastly, it’s time for harvest & delivery, ending our Microgreen Growing Process with happy customers throughout Rochester NY and surrounding areas! Furthermore, all orders are harvested and delivered within a 24 hours period. Most orders contain biodegradable bamboo absorbers inside to for freshness.

All packaging is recyclable and BPA-Free!

Products From Our Microgreen Growing Process in Rochester NY

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