Microgreens For Health In Rochester NY

Our organic microgreens offer health conscious people in Rochester NY another way to enhance their quality of life by the things they eat. Here are just a few reasons people into health, fitness, and wholistic living are choosing microgreens for their diets and meal plans.

Microgreens For Healthly Meal Plans In Rochester NY - Natural Nutrition

Natural Nutrition

People love microgreens as a source of natural nutrition for their daily micronutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. According to the Food & Drug Administration, 85% of Americans suffer from malnutrition and don’t know it. Furthermore, malnutrition is the leading cause of illness in the U.S. and directly linked to all kinds of physical and mental health issues.

So what we need to know is that supplements and powders are great; but they can’t replace eating live organic plant matter! Microgreens offer a fresh and reliable way to give your body what is needs. Our urban farm grows inside a closed environment that’s engineered to grow produce that taste better, and is better for you. Microgreens are approved for keto, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and many other diets!

Microgreens are versatile foods for many Health and Fitness Meal Plans.


Organic microgreens like broccoli, sunflower, or sweet pea are versatile foods that taste great in a variety of meal plans. Hence, another reason health conscious people love our microgreens is because they’re easy to add to meals they already eat! Soups, salads, pastas, wraps, eggs, stir frys, burgers, pizzas, shakes, and other common daily foods are perfect for any number of microgreen varieties.

Additionally, since microgreens have many times more nutrients than full grown vegetables, you can actually get more nutrients by eating less! So say goodbye to any vegetables restricting your intake of other foods. You can get your daily limit with smaller portions of microgreens, and fill the rest of your belly with what you want! Staying in a top level health and fitness is difficult, and microgreens add to the ways you can make healthy living easier and more efficient.

Organic Microgreen Smoothies For Healthy Living | Rochester Microgreens


One of the biggest reasons people choose microgreens in the symphony of options is the cleanliness of how they’re grown. Organic food is not all grown equally! Produce that’s nutrient-dense could still be covered in herbicides, pesticides, or other preservatives made to increase shelf life over long travels to our grocery stores.

Urban farms like ours set a high standard for health with microgreens by operating completely free from chemicals in our watering, pest control, or fertilizer. And this includes “organic approved” pesticides. If it’s not from the earth, we don’t use it. So we go above and beyond to ensure we’re supplying you the finest quality microgreens possible! Learn more about our process for growing organic microgreens on our website!

Social Media Friendly

Coming in hot as bonus reason why people love microgreens that we just couldn’t leave out, microgreens are very social media friendly. Something about them apparently just yells “post me on Instagram”.

Food Trends

People love sharing these small but mighty greens, and we don’t blame them because we love sharing foodies too! There’s something about microgreens that bring an elegant, yet humble beauty out of your favorite foods. So getting to show off your food style is a plus. We also DM a free shipping code to anyone who tags us when sharing a post about their purchased microgreens.

Rochester Microgreens offers a variety of ways people can enjoy our organic microgreens! Purchase Microgreen Products on our website, and see our Subscriptions to save money.


Organic Rochester Microgreens Confetti Box - Rochester NY

More About Microgreens For Health In Rochester NY

Want to learn about how these mighty greens are used in medical nutrition therapy, and diet-based disease prevention? Click this page to read all about it! Are you a restaurant or food establishment, we have an awesome page for you too. Still here? Awesome! Now let’s talk more about why microgreens continue to dominate the dinner table.

Assorted Organic Microgreens For Health, Fitness, and Meal Plans in Rochester NY

The National Library of Medicine said microgreens are a “pleasing palette of colors, textures, and flavors.”, and we completely agree. However, the reasons people don’t follow through with healthy meal plans isn’t because they aren’t these things. Rather, it’s because they feel restrictive, boring, or cost too much.

2oz, 3oz, and 8oz Microgreen Products For Meal Plans & Health | Rochester Microgreens

Microgreens offer a fresh avenue into healthier living because they’re a brand new classification of vegetable! So in other words, sometimes new paths for us begin when we see the roads been less traveled. Microgreens are one of these roads providing a new innovative way to source what your body needs locally and reliably. Since we offer subscriptions grown fresh and delivered as frequent as you like, it’s even easier! You can consistently use microgreens in your daily dishes or eat them alone.

Further Innovation & Service

Your order is delivered the same day its cut. However, we have a new way to enjoy microgreens, introducing live trays!

Live Microgreen Trays

Live trays offers a new way to use microgreens for health in Rochester NY. They’re even fresher than same day delivery! Uncut trays can be put inside refrigerated spaces, and used when needed. Does it get any fresher than that for your meal plan?

We now also offer microgreen catering services in Rochester New York! Henceforth we offer live micro smoothie bars, salad bars, and other microgreen foods. So are you ready to try some microgreens? See our growing selection of products and subscriptions below.

Any questions, concerns, or need to contact us? Get a hold of us now!