Microgreens For Restaurants in Rochester NY

Microgreens For Restaurants In Rochester NY

Our premier urban farm grows fresh organic microgreens for restaurants in Rochester NY. We provide a wide variety of options and subscriptions to flexibly meet the exact needs of your food establishment. There’s many reasons why chefs love these culinary gems; but here’s just a few reasons.

Organic Microgreen Burger with swapped vegetables, adding value for Rochester New York Food Establishments.

Vegetable Swapping

Swapping traditional vegetables with microgreens brings something new and fresh to your restaurant dishes, both in look and taste. Since micros are versatile veggies, and still relatively new, it’s easy to draw attention with common plates elevated by microgreens. So why not mix things up on your menu with some broccoli, sweet pea, or other microgreens?

Enhanced Food Appearance For Restaurants Using Microgreens in Rochester NY

Food Appearance

The only thing more important than how a food looks, is how it tastes! For decades chefs have elevated their culinary arts with microgreens such as radish, because of its bold colors and taste. Chefs in Rochester NY haven’t missed a beat, innovating their menus with these popular new plants. Over all the customers at your food establishment are sure to love how microgreens look and taste in their meals.

Microgreen Plants are Organic Superfoods


Microgreens like red cabbage are super foods with extremely high nutritional value. Being low in carbs, fats, and sugar, yet packed with vitamins and minerals makes these greens a top choice to serve at any food establishment. Therefore, your customers will love how your food tastes, and how it makes them feel after! Consequently, when people love how your food makes them feel, they come back.

Live Microgreen Trays For Restaurants in Rochester NY

All orders are cut and delivered fresh the same day. However, we now introduce another way to enjoy the same micro-veggies you love… live off the tray! A live tray can be stored inside your walk in fridge, and cut fresh right when you need it.

Organic Sunflower Microgreens Tray - rochester NY | Rochester Microgreens

We offer a consistent supply by subscription, and you can update your deliveries at any time in your account. Purchase our Microgreen Products on our website, and see our Subscriptions to save money on deliveries.

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Chef using microgreens for food plates - Rochester NY | Rochester Microgreens

More Reasons Why Food Business Is Raving About Microgreens

Interested in the health and fitness side of microgreens? You have to check out this page! Want to know how microgreens are used in medical nutritional therapy? We have a page on that too. Still here? Awesome! Let’s talk more about why microgreens in Rochester NY are blowing up from a food based standpoint.

Rochester New York is clearly obsessed with food because it has such a vast selection of restaurants! This city has delicious original foods, in many gorgeous locations. So if there’s something we know how to do, it’s eat! And with New York’s initiative towards eco-friendly operations, we’re not just eating; but we’re eating healthier, safer, and more sustainably. Microgreens are one of these new innovative ways improving the way we grow and consume vegetables in our city.

Microgreen Confetti Box - Rochester Microgreens

Going Green With Microgreens

Urban farms like ours operate inside closed environments that yield hyper-nutritious organic produce with a fraction of the water usage. Besides having numerous applications across all meal types, microgreens contain up to 40% more nutrients than their full grown counterparts. In summary, our produce is organically engineered to taste better, and be more nutritious!

Rochester Microgreens is apart of a coalition of urban farmers dedicated to revolutionizing the way we grow and source produce in urban communities. Our emphasis is on microgreens; but our selection is steady growing! Furthermore, we operate a completely organic and renewable growing process, from seed to packaging. So whether you’re needing small, large, or live tray microgreen options, we have an eco-friendly solution!

Furthermore, microgreens are diverse mini-veggies that go well with all meal types, so it’s an easy addition to soups, sandwiches, salads, pasta, wraps, shakes, smoothies, and more! In the end, microgreens are too valuable to ignore!

Organic Microgreens on Pizza, Burgers, Salads, and Eggs

Show Off Microgreens At Your Restaurant!

Chefs of the digital age have learned it’s no longer just about foods that taste great; but also foods that are sharable. The plates your restaurant or food establishment makes represents you, both in person and on social media. So if possible, it has to look great! Honestly, isn’t it awesome to have customers share a meal you made on social media? Food appearance is important as it pertains to maintaining business, and even growing.

Microgreens offer a unique and tasteful way (literally) to take your culinary presentations to the next level. In fact, microgreens sometimes work too well in this way. And the only problem you’ll have is a plate can look so great, you don’t want to eat it!

2oz Microgreens Collage Display

Local Microgreens For Restaurants In Rochester NY!

Keeping it local is more than a slogan; it’s a cry for nutritional help. Research has shown produce sold in big-box stores can have up to 1,500 food miles of travel before hitting our table. The further a produce travels, the less nutritious it becomes. So it’s best to eat produce fresh to get all the benefits of live bio-organic plant matter. Over all, eating local doesn’t just reduce impact on our environment, it also benefits our bodies.

In the end, you can’t ignore microgreens! It’s time to embrace the benefits of these small but mighty greens, and get in early as the world adopts this amazing new way to “eat your vegetables”!

Be sure to check out all the available products and subscriptions available to restaurants in Rochester New York!

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