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2oz Subscription Prices For Rochester Microgreens

2oz Microgreen Subscriptions in Rochester NY | How many 2oz containers of microgreens would you like grown fresh and auto-delivered? Choose a microgreen, how often you want deliveries, and the total quantity desired each delivery in 2oz container increments. We’ll promptly coordinate your first and repeating deliveries.

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We offer Organic Microgreen Subscriptions to Rochester NY in 2oz, 8oz, and 1lbs amounts. Get these incredible superfoods on a consistent basis, while being in full control over your subscription.

  • Cancel Subscription Anytime
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Anytime
  • Adjust Delivery Schedule Anytime

2oz Microgreens Subscriptions - Rochester NY | Rochester Microgreens

2oz Microgreen Subscriptions are easily used in a meal for few people, or divided between salads, soups, or sandwiches. It’s perfect for use in one or two planned meals, with the larger amounts being for everyday eaters. And remember, these 2oz Microgreen Subscriptions are grown and delivered right here in Rochester NY! 

  • Harvested & Delivered Fresh 3 Times A Week (SUN, MON, WED)
  • Delivers Small Orders Locally & Bulk Orders Within 100 Miles
  • Or Choose Pick-Up at Rochester Microgreens | 442 Maplewood Avenue, Rochester NY 14613

Lastly, like all microgreens, every variety will have it’s own health benefits related to its vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients! So please look at each product page to learn more about them.

Available 2oz Microgreen Subscriptions:

Sunflower Microgreens
Pea Microgreens
Radish Microgreens
Broccoli Microgreens
Red Cabbage Microgreens
Mixed Salad Microgreens

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Broccoli, Sunflowers, Red Cabbage, Raddish, Mixed Salad, Sweet Peas (3oz)

2oz(s) Deliveries

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly


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