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Introducing our new Organic Mix of Microgreens in Rochester NY, the Confetti Box! Packed to the brim with 4 different delicious microgreens, each with a unique taste, and loaded with vitamins and minerals, there’s something here for everyone.

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Our Microgreens Confetti Box™ in Rochester NY is bursting with diverse flavor and nutritional value. Enjoy 4oz of Sunflowers, 2oz of Broccoli, 3oz of Peas, and 2oz of Radish un-mixed, under one lid! Because it’s over half a pound of microgreens, you can easily spread it throughout tasty meals, or eat it all at once with family and friends.

  • Harvested & Delivered Fresh 3 Times A Week (SUN, MON, WED)
  • Delivers Small Orders Locally & Bulk Orders Within 100 Miles
  • Or Choose Pick-Up at Rochester Microgreens | 442 Maplewood Avenue, Rochester NY 14613

4 Microgreen Varieties | Rochester Microgreens

Additionally on taste, Sunflowers and Peas are sweet, a little nutty, have a nice crunchy texture, and are packed with micronutrients. And Broccoli is a great source of Sulforaphane, a super compound linked to decreased oxidative stress and inflammation. And finally, Radish completes the Microgreens Confetti Box™ for Rochester NY because of its unique spicy taste and appearance.

Purchase separately or buy the Confetti Box™ combo of healthy varieties! So enjoy this in salads, soups, sandwiches, pastas, and much more. Why not try a box for lunch? See nutritional info below, and for more information visit each of these Organic Microgreens products. (Wash To Eat)

Microgreen Confetti Box™ Nutritional Info - Rochester NY | Rochester Microgreens

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