Spring Lettuce Mix


Presenting the Spring Lettuce Mix: A harmonious blend of premium lettuces and spinach, redefining salad bases in Rochester NY! Elevate your culinary creations with these delectable greens, delivering a nourishing and delightful experience..

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Elevate your salads with our 10oz Spring Lettuce Mix, a premium blend of the finest greens available in Rochester NY! Revel in the combination of Pomegranate & Buttercrunch lettuce, perfectly complemented by the delicate texture of Corvair Spinach. Customize your creation by incorporating nuts, fruits, or your personal favorites, and don’t forget your preferred dressing!

  • Harvested & Delivered Fresh 3 Times A Week (SUN, MON, WED)
  • Delivers Small Orders Locally & Bulk Orders Within 100 Miles
  • Or Choose Pick-Up at Rochester Microgreens | 442 Maplewood Avenue, Rochester NY 14613

Pomegranate Crunch, Butternut Crunch, Corvair Spinach - Rochester NY

Indulge in the gentle sweetness of Buttercrunch lettuce beautifully balanced with the subtle tart of pomegranate crunch. Complemented by Corvair spinach, this medley of flavors intertwines flawlessly to create a nourishing blend of greens. Elevate your salads with our exquisite Premium Spring Lettuce Mix in Rochester NY!

Have We Invented The Best Salad Mix? You Be The Judge!

The Deluxe Salad Mix - Rochester NY | Rochester Microgreens

Check out each varieties product page to learn more about their nutritional benefits, while also being GMO-Free, un-touched by herbicides, pesticides or any preservatives.

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